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Internet, VoIP & CCTV

We are supplying and installing hyperfast internet solutions with the latest VoIP telephone handsets and edge cutting CCTV systems.

Internet, VoIP & CCTV

Whether you are planning to penetrate new markets, open new offices or roll out new applications, you will always need an efficient internet solution.

Over the years, we have all experienced at least once a slow internet connection, which would end up crippling our business, feeling powerless. We therefore felt the need to eradicate that frustration by becoming experts in the field.

We have experience in managing and supplying 10GB leased lines – (yes that’s correct 10GB) to 15 story buildings in Manchester, some of which are occupied by over 370 tenants. We also configure AP’s and setup entire network infrastructures including CCTV and VOIP telephones.

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  • • Broadband
  • • Leased Lines
  • • Radio Internet


  • • Cloud based telephone system
  • • Full administration and management
  • • Modern and sophisticated handsets


  • • Latest Hikvision technology
  • • Footage access from anywhere
  • • Compatibility with mobile devices

  • First choice for security professionals

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