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Domain & Hosting

We will set up your domain, register and configure your website hosting platform with a free SSL certificate, so that Google and your website visitors know your website is secure.

Domain and hosting of websites and online stores.

Whether we design an e-commerce platform or create a modern website, you will always have a large spectrum of solutions to choose from so we can save you time and money.
We give a tailored approach to every single project we take on, so we can help you with anything you may need, from domain registration to selecting appropriate hosting parameters, all depending on your budget and ambition.


  • • We will help you choose the right domain for your website and e-commerce platform.
  • • We will check the availability of your selected address.
  • • We will help you with the purchase, registration and configuration of your website.


  • • We will advise you on how to choose the best server for your organisation.
  • • We will install and configure your e-commerce platform or website on a chosen web hosting server.
  • • We will install your SSL certificate to ensure your website or e-commerce platform is certified ‘safe’ by Google.


  • • We will maintain and monitor your e-commerce platform or website after completion.
  • • We will conduct regular backups to ensure your project is protected.
  • • Our dedicated technical support specialists will be available via telephone 24/7.
  • Cybersecurity is one of the most
    important features of an e-business.

    Without adequate protocols, you can potentially put yourself and your customers at risk of payment fraud and data security breaches. In addition to hefty financial fines, your business reputation will more than likely be in jeopardy.

    Get your SSL certificate now and be certified secure in Google search.

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