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Cloud backup

Smart and secure backup solutions with rapid recovery engine, tailored to your data security requirements encrypted and stored in UK datacentres.

Back up your files on your laptops, desktops and servers.

Did you know that half the businesses which go through a major online disaster never return to the market place? Of those that do, half go bankrupt within three years. The ones that survive plan their response to a disaster before it strikes.

To protect yourself from the worst possible scenario, you need to store your data securely so it can be restored in case of loss, whether it’s a result of a data processing error or a 3rd party intrusion.

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Optimise data storage cost

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Fast and easy migration

We offer state-of-the-art cloud backup solutions which are affordable and can be easily restored.

• Backup and restore your files with a few clicks.
• Powerful remote software with remote data storage.
• Smart choice with premium features.

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